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More than 15 years experience

Alive Business Consulting was founded by senior professionals from Sage, with an average experience of 15 years implementing enterprise resource management systems for Mid Market companies.

Technology partner

Technology partner. Our aim is to enable companies to make decisions with full control of their business and absolute freedom to reach their objectives. We are the technological partner in which our clients support their growth.

Own methodology based on results

We have developed our own methodology, based on the experience of our team in hundreds of Sage X3 implementations. This agile methodology ensures fast and effective implementations, with a short to mid-term return on investment.

The best technology

As a Platinum Partner Implementer of Sage X3 and Sage XRT for Mid Market, we are committed to offering the best ERP technology to companies in order to help them achieve their objectives and grow without limits.

Customer centric firm

At Alive Business Consulting is all about the client. The entire organization is designed and focused on providing excellent customer experience. The high qualified consultancy team is fully focused on listening our customer needs.

Add value service

Using Sage technology, Alive Business Consulting designs and offers value-added services to optimize the management of companies and adapt the technology to the specific requirements. Every customer is unique.

Manage your company easier and smarter

How do we actually make it?


High qualified consultancy team. We are a high qualified team made up of consultants with more than 15 years of experience, as an average, in the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning applications in many different companies and sectors. We are specialized in Sage X3 and Sage XRT solutions.


Own methodology based on results. We have developed our own methodology, based on the experience of our team in hundreds of Sage X3 implementations in customers from different industries, sizes and with different requirements.


Personalized after-sales assistance service. The team of professionals are dedicated exclusively to offering immediate, close and quality customer service. This team is made up of consultants and technicians with high experience in implementations and extensive knowledge in terms of management in many industries.


Professional hosting and systems solutions. In order to provide a complete and versatile solution to our clients, we offer hosting services capable of hosting any type of ERP system and any application with which the client works. We also provide a system maintenance service.

Meet our management team

Javier Riaza
Javier Riaza
Partner of Alive Business Consulting

Throughout my professional life, my challenge has been to help companies better manage themselves and succeed through technology. Luckily, I had the opportunity to develop my career at the multinational Sage, where I acquired a high level of knowledge and experience in the sector.

Currently, at Alive Business Consulting I apply the acquired experience in order to work close to our customers and accompany them succeed. I had held various roles, from customer service department to functional consultant and business.

I take part of the Executive Team of Alive Business Consulting. Additionally, I am the Head of Sales department. Furthermore, I teach some lessons of the master’s degree in sales management at the ISIE business school. I have a degree in Business Administration and Management + MBA from IE Business School, and a Sales Management Program at ESIC.

I have developed my entire professional career in the field of consultancy of management systems. For more than 20 years I have worked providing solutions to the clients’ needs, such as helping them day-to-day and optimize their business management. My vocation is to listen to challenges and opportunities for improvement and then, offer resources to optimize management.

I have held different category jobs related to management consulting: consultant, pre-sales consultant and project manager. Lately, I have taken the role of pre-sales management – integrated into the European international team at the multinational Sage – for the Sage X3 and Sage XRT solutions.

Nowadays, I take advantage of all my experience when meeting Alive Business Consulting clients needs. I help companies simplify and improve their management in order to grow and make their business profitable. I am part of the Executive Team of Alive Business Consulting and responsible for business development. I have a degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid.

Yolanda Benito
Yolanda Benito
Partner of Alive Business Consulting
Ignacio Larrucea
Ignacio Larrucea
Partner of Alive Business Consulting

All my professional life has almost been developed within the Information Technology sector. Specifically in the area of ​​Computer Consulting lead to Business Management Systems or ERPs, which is where I have had the opportunity to help companies to be more optimal in their day-to-day and achieve their business objectives.

Since 2003 I have held various positions in this sector such as assuming functional consulting and project leadership skills in the implementation of Sage X3 – both nationally and internationally. In recent years, I have been responsible for the Sage X3 Consulting Team in the British multinational Sage. I have acquired experience and knowledge in agile methodologies as well as good implementation practices which I apply at Alive Business Consulting.

Currently, I am part of the Executive Team of Alive Business Consulting and Head of services department of the consultancy firm. I have a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master’s degree in Accounting, Economic and Financial Auditing from the Autónoma University of Madrid and the College of Economists.

Enterprise Resource Planning and Treasury

We are specialized in the implementation of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution Sage X3 and treasury solution Sage XRT. With more than 30 certified consultants, with a deep knowledge of these solutions as well as business processes, and proven expertise in dealing with international projects.


Our goal is to help companies grow, through more efficient processes and achieving total control of their business.. Contact us, we are delighted to assist you.

Our clients, our passion

With more than 15 years experience helping companies to achieve efficiency and control their business,
we are the technological partner in which our clients support their growth.

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