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Unify all your subsidiaries’ processes

At Alive Business Consulting we help you becoming international while unifying all your processes and ensuring compliance with local regulations in every country.

Only one ERP solution for all your subsidiaries worldwide

Our International Projects service is designed for organizations that want to expand their global presence, and for those that already have an international presence but lack of control over their subsidiaries. At Alive Business Consulting we help you in your worldwide expansion, regardless of size or industry.

We have a wide experience when offering services to international expansion projects, guaranteeing professional support to all business processes and adapting those processes to the legal regulations and local requirements in every country.

Forget about it, we take care of everything

No matter the implementation country or if it has to be carried out in several branch offices. Our team accompanies you after the implementation of the solution to ensure it is up and running.

Alive Business Consulting carries out the implementation of the ERP solution in all the required departments, coordinating the deployment with all the teams involved. Our International Projects service is a guarantee of success.

“We chose Sage X3 due to its international presence and because of its connectivity with other applications”

 Iñaki Alzibar, ULMA Packaging Financial Controlling Manager.

International Projects & Technology Partners

Implementation of ERP Sage X3 internationally

Our goal is to set up a headquarters in another country as well as unify all our processes under the same ERP program complying with the legislation every country. Sage X3 is going to help us achieve it

Main benefits

In this time of globalization and hyperconnectivity, many companies are becoming global. This requires reliable partners and technology. These are some of the benefits that you can get through our International Projects service:

  • Have a single solution in all the subsidiaries worldwide.
  • Standardization of all your business processes.
  • Full adaptation of the ERP solution to the specific legal requirements of each country.
  • Gain efficiency at work by standardizing.
  • Opportunity of carrying out the reporting of the different subsidiaries.
  • Have global support regardless of its location.
  • Reduce the risks of internationalization considering all data in order to make better and faster decisions.

Our goal is to help companies grow, through more efficient processes and achieving total control of their business. Contact us, we are delighted to assist you.

Our clients, our passion

With more than 15 years experience helping companies to achieve efficiency and control their business,
we are the technological partner in which our clients support their growth.

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