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Intelligent management of the financial value chain

Sage XRT Treasury is a modular treasury solution that allows you to adapt to the growing financial needs and complexities that you have in your day-to-day. Sage XRT easily integrates with the main ERP solutions of the market such as Sage X3, Sage 200, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP. It provides real-time visibility of your company’s liquidity, and it gives you a vision of the mid-term and long-term of your financial resources mitigating operational, financial and reputational risks.

Sage XRT Treasury has functionalities to automate information transfer with banks as well as having a powerful Reporting Business Intelligence tool. Sage XRT will allow you to analyze reports, graphs and dashboards, such as the global position or the bank-company balance sheet. You have the freedom to choose between on-premise or cloud solution.

Bank reconciliation

Sage XRT facilitates the reconciliation of all movements so that they fit with the financial operations carried out in your bank.

Budget monitoring

Sage XRT facilitates the correct budget monitoring. Potential deviations would be controlled and anticipated by the treasury solution.

Data security & fraud control

Addressing the threat of fraud and cybercrime is a high priority for treasurers everywhere. Reduce risks by using Sage XRT.

Maximize profitability

Business profitability is a must for any company.

Sage XRT offers you the right tools to monitor it.

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Easy treasury management

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Avoid unncensary expenses

Getting the most out of the asset also includes avoiding unnecessary expenses. Sage XRT helps you to detect these irregularities and correct them.

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Balance forecast

By having assets and liabilities controlled, the treasury would keep money in funds for greater profitability and leave it in cash when payments were needed.

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Generation of accounting entries

The accounting software will allow you to automatically generate all the business accounting entries.

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Report generation

Reporting allow you to visualize all the data from different financial operations of your company.

Product capabilities of SAGE XRT

Sage XRT is the intelligent financial value chain management solution that offers you simple functions for managing liquidity in real time. A versatile tool that can be hosted in your office or in the cloud. Sage XRT can also be integrated into most ERPs on the market.

In addition to the main capabilities, Sage XRT has the following additional functionalities:

  • Automatic accounting
  • Electronic signature
  • Exchange risk
  • Swiftnet
  • Charges & Payments

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Key benefits of your integrated and modular solution

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Sage XTR Treasury covers all your financial flows

Sage XRT Treasury is a modular solution that can be used stand alone or integrated with your ERP system.

Improve your business relationships, as well as internal and external collaboration. Ensures data security: data flow traceability, permission management, secure bank exchanges and data encryption.

This treasury software is easily customizable for each user profile and different levels of the organization:

  • Corporate: increase the value of the company
  • Treasury: reduce volatility, improve cash flow and reduce Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Functional: manage risk and reduce banking costs, interest expenses and liquidity risk
Sage XTR Treasury

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