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Our aim is to enable companies to make decisions with full control of their business and absolute freedom to reach their objectives. Contact us, we are delighted to assist you.

ERP and treasury

We are specialized in the implementation of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution Sage X3 and treasury solution Sage XRT. With more than 30 certified consultants, with a deep knowledge of these solutions as well as business processes, and proven expertise in dealing with international projects.

Speed up the main proccesses of your company with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): from procurement to production, warehousing, sales, customer service and financial management, and also delivers faster insight into costs and performance at every step, on a global scale.

Product capabilities of Sage X3

With Sage X3 you will reduce costs, increase incomes and get more local and international clients.
Managing all the areas and resources of a company is not an easy task. It requires specific solutions as the ERP Sage X3 with which you will not worry about the present and future of your business.
Sage X3 expands the horizon of your company.

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Sage XRT provides real-time visibility of your company’s liquidity and also provides a medium to long term vision of your financial resources.
It is integrated into most ERPs of the market and has functionalities that automate the communications with banks.

Product capabilities of Sage XRT

Sage XRT is the smart solution for the financial value chain management that offers liquidity management features. It is a versatile tool that can be hosted on premise or in the cloud.

It can also be integrated into most ERP solutions of the market. Check the liquidity of the company in real time.

About Alive Business Consulting

Professional hosting and system solutions


In order to provide a complete and versatile solution to our clients, we offer hosting services capable of hosting any type of management system and any application with which the client works. We also provide a system maintenance service.

High qualified consultancy team


We are a high qualified team made up of consultants with more tan 15 years of experience in the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning applications in many different companies and sectors.
We are specialized in Sage X3 and Sage XRT.

Personalized after-sales assitance service


The team of professionals are dedicated exclusively to offering immediate, close and quality customer service. This team is made up of consultants and technicians with high experience in implementations and extensive knowledge in terms of management in many sectors of activity.

Own methodology based on results


We have developed our own methodology, based on the experience of our team in hundreds of Sage X3 implementations in customers from different industries, sizes and with different requirements. This agile methodology ensures fast and effective implementations, with a short to mid-term return on investment.

International Projects

Is your company ready to go international?

Would you like to feel accompanied when going international? If you already have an international presence, do you lack control over the business in other countries? Are you capable of homogenizing data and processes?

At Alive Business Consulting we can support your international projects, unifying processes and ensuring compliance with local regulations of each country.

Our clients, our passion

With more than 15 years experience helping companies to achieve efficiency and control their business,
we are the technological partner in which our clients support their growth.

Our goal is to help companies grow, through more efficient processes and achieving total control of their business. Contact us, we are delighted to assist you.

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