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Sage X3: Total Economic Impact


Sage X3 provides a business management solution for industry-specific operations that assists customers with the entire process — from financial management to supply chain management to inventory management and production management.

Forrester Consulting conducted the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Sage X3 in order to study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) organizations may realize by deploying Sage X3. Forrester’s in-depth interviews with Sage X3 customers and subsequent financial analysis found that the organization experiences benefits of $2,366,986 over three years versus costs of $756,397, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $1,610,589, with a payback period of less than six months and an ROI of 213%.


Sage X3 is changing how businesses compete and grow, by delivering faster, simpler and flexible solutions at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical ERP systems.

Sage X3 helps business thrive and stay competitive in the face of growing complexity and competitive pressures: it is faster, more intuitive, and tailored than conventional ERP.

This complete business management solution transforms how organizations manage operations, processes and people, enabling businesses to respond faster to changing customer demands.

Sage X3 is available through multiple deployment options including on-premises and cloud giving organizations flexibility to choose the service offering that works the best for their organization.

Product capabilities of Sage X3

With Sage X3 you will reduce costs, increase incomes and get more local and international clients.
Managing all the areas and resources of a company is not an easy task. It requires specific solutions as the ERP Sage X3 with which you will not worry about the present and future of your business.
Sage X3 expands the horizon of your company.

Do you want to learn more about Sage X3?

Sage X3 & Sage XRT, better together

Global management

Information flows between Sage X3 and Sage XRT in a bidirectional way

Functional proposal

Core: Forecasts and accounting movements / Extensive pack: Accounting

Easy adaptation

Available for: Sage X3 V11 – V12 / Sage XRT Treasury V4 & Advanced


Compatible with Sage XRT Cloud and On-Premise mode

Standard connector

Developed in the standard Sage X3 platform

Our clients, our passion

With more than 15 years experience helping companies to achieve efficiency and control their business,
we are the technological partner in which our clients support their growth.

Our goal is to help companies grow, through more efficient processes and achieving total control of their business. Contact us, we are delighted to assist you.

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